Monday, August 11, 2008

spring collection

Last time i totally addicted to this novel called Spring Collection by Judith Krantz. the book rock. i think this book is not really suitable for our age but who cares! :D

For this scintillating new novel, the bestselling author of Scruples returns to familiar territory: the high-fashion world of supermodels and their handlers. In an innovative, irresistible mixture of passion and power, Krantz unfolds the stories of three women caught up in the behind-the-scenes world of glamour and haute couture in Paris--all facing delicious challenges and unexpected romance.

so i'm just gonna blog about random stuff i. aren't i a boring person!! but seriously i don;t care if people think i'm a boring and dull person! say what you want but i am just gonna live my life the way i want it !

so today i heard a lot of story about the "party". well to those who took it sendiri mau tau lar. shame of yourself! tisk tisk!

alright till her i'm dead bored.


Much love,