Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've been quite busy this few days.i just can't waited till the cny holiday starts.need some rest from all the homework and school crap.everyone is filling their cny holiday with a bunch of plans,and for me i just don't know what to plan about. maybe this one week holiday i could just relax at home and i think they'll be tons of homework will be given to us.urgh.homework!

today was hectic.i was in the lab and nabila called me out right after the bell rang for recess. we had to do the board stuff.so practically half of the day i was out of the class missing economy and addmaths. my two very important subjects. most of the time we spent our time at the libary doing it. but some part of it was fun tho,especially our time at the libary :)

alright i need to finish my maths homework if not,mr no life that is smp will be all bising on me.

Much love,