Tuesday, May 27, 2008

short i guess.

this is just a short update i guess. so today i was like totally bored out! so last night my dad asked if i wanted to catch a movie,so i was like urmm ok lar. since indiana jones were showing in the cinema i took that chance to watch it. i'm like a total fan of the indiana jones movies! my favorite is Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade! love the movie.

so we were taking the 12.20 movie at sunway. i woke up and make my coffee and online. now i'm like addicted to onlin-ing! so while waiting for my dad i was just sitting and doing nothing in my room. so i took my handphone and did this.......

flying kiss.

i was having my towel! :P

felling childish again

the i know something but i won't tell you!

kisses! Muaxx!

so the whole movie was very hahahaha....how shall i say this. very adventures! all of a sudden the ending got alien and their spaceship!

i'm writing off now. till the next one!