Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm out of ideas! help needed!

so here i am blogging in the afternoon/evening. the reason i'm doing this also because i'm totally out of idea what to do. now hahaha..typical me :D.
in the morning after 3 months i have my appointment with my dentist. he's such a friendly guy! :D actually secretly i think he's assistant is KINDA cute. hahaha...the dentist check my teeth and all and the even check if i have any cavities and guess what i have 0 cavaties! cool huh? i actually missed wearing braces. i just love it! it makes me look a bit geeky! :P

after that followed my dad to the wet market and bla bla bla i'm home now. oh! there is this video i did while waitng in the car. i was just super bored and though of doing it! hahah..


p/s : to those who will be going to Malam Seribu Bintang have lots of fun and don't forget to tell me EVERYTHING!

much love,