Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i can smell the freedom already.

as everyone know currently I'm still in those spm weeks. haha. gosh, you have no idea how i dealt with the first day of spm. everyone is all worried but I'm the weird one with a smile on my face laughing and grinning like some retarded person. haha. anyways "i think" i did the best i would do. sejarah paper 2 was shit like who doesn't know!
i still have another three set of exams paper.

well mostly I've been worrying about my account! account paper is this coming Monday and tomorrow till Sunday i have accounts tuition which I'm not complaining at all! since it will be my last tuition classes.

I'm bored so just now i was search some new TV series to watch after I'm finish with my exam. am i found this TV series called "the vampires diaries", I'm not sure if it already shown on the TV or not but whatever it is I'm currently downloading the whole 1st season. Damon Salvatore is divine!

and gotta go! love you ppl to bits! :)