Tuesday, April 21, 2009

just one.

i constantly feel like changing my hairstyle,but whenever i do,it will always look the same. gosh!i need to keep my mind set to just one. well let's put aside the hair dilemma :)
anyway today was my first day in class after two weeks of being busy with the aerobic practices. well i do miss a tiny bit of the aerobic bunch. it is always fun the be around them.
in class i was surprise by the fact that i was suppose to have pj lesson but pn.azilah wanted to use our two period of pj lesson for economics lesson. and yet i was surprise by the popping up of pn.kausar my pj teacher saying that pn.azilah tak jadi want to masuk our class. i was super relieve! i felt like a bug huge sense of relieve to came to me.

i was just starting to do my economics homework when there was an announcement made and guess what pn.sherily asked the people who are interested in joining the performance for the achievement day to come down and i was one of those peoples name called by that was compulsory to come down to the hall. there goes my time to catch up with the homework's and lesson in class.BTW,the achievement day is this coming Saturday!

anyhow,a group of us was required to perform tarian melayu wish was not easy at first since teacher asked us to figure out the steps on our own. wish did not really surprise me much.in the end of the day we managed to figure out some steps and practice a little.
well tomorrow there will be another practices which will be going on till school ends!
hope i can manage all the steps in time!

Much love,